River Agivey River International

The river Agivey is a very odd river set in northern Ireland,its black water makes river craft extremely hard,reading the water is a challenge to say the least.

As a rule overnight rain lifts the water levels and the water is then up some what for a couple of days but the Agivey lifts and drops in a matter of hours,I fished the first day on a long glide that had no features,after a couple over hours i fished the same stretch of river that then was covered in surface crowfoot. 

fishing for wild brown trout can be a funny game at the best of times but with water that’s like a pint of guiness it just makes it that much more fun,wading was hard as you had no judgement on the waters depth so its safe to say i got wet on more than one occasion.

As competitions get harder it pushes anglers to the top of their game,the rivers is fastly becoming a young mans sport but I must say it was the best ever team I have ever been a part of,myself,Kieron Jenkins,Tom Pitchford,Paul Jenkins,Alun Hughes and captain Dean Kibble,the Welsh team got pipped for the gold by 1 place point by the Irish team,even tho we had plenty more fish than the other teams,double some teams total bags.

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~ by chucknduck on February 26, 2012.

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  1. If that’s true m8 there will only be the three off you in it!:)

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