Better Cast Out Befor March Is Out.

•March 10, 2012 • Leave a Comment

The browns are back on the menu at last and living on a small brook is great as march has been a busy month.

march 1st has become the biggest date in my calender due to the birth of my new little lad,birthdays are going to be great as its my treat every opening day,every year, I cant wait to start him fishing !!!

I got chance this week to get down the river for an hour and landed some good fish,the water was cold and clear,but it was nice just to cast a line and wet a some flies.

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River Agivey River International

•February 26, 2012 • 1 Comment

The river Agivey is a very odd river set in northern Ireland,its black water makes river craft extremely hard,reading the water is a challenge to say the least.

As a rule overnight rain lifts the water levels and the water is then up some what for a couple of days but the Agivey lifts and drops in a matter of hours,I fished the first day on a long glide that had no features,after a couple over hours i fished the same stretch of river that then was covered in surface crowfoot. 

fishing for wild brown trout can be a funny game at the best of times but with water that’s like a pint of guiness it just makes it that much more fun,wading was hard as you had no judgement on the waters depth so its safe to say i got wet on more than one occasion.

As competitions get harder it pushes anglers to the top of their game,the rivers is fastly becoming a young mans sport but I must say it was the best ever team I have ever been a part of,myself,Kieron Jenkins,Tom Pitchford,Paul Jenkins,Alun Hughes and captain Dean Kibble,the Welsh team got pipped for the gold by 1 place point by the Irish team,even tho we had plenty more fish than the other teams,double some teams total bags.

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And The Box Just Gets Better

•February 21, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Not so long ago I posted saying that I had a little project on the go for my good friend Mark McCarthy who will be fishing over in Ireland later this year.

I done the dry flys for him and posted two detached body mayflies,but as many anglers know the old brown trout just can’t leave the wet flies alone,they just love them ! so here is a box that’s still a work in progress.

And yes I post the finished box but there are many hours on the vice left before its filled wall to wall.