Ready or Not Trout Here I Come !

Over the winter months I have sat down at the vice putting my river flies and trout boxes back up on top form as most competition anglers will have been doing over the winter as I have.

I fished over in Ireland in the rivers international last june and i have never found myself wanting flies like I did in this match and found myself working hard playing catch up to my team-mate how had boxes of small flies which seemed to be doing the trick for the browns in the river Agivey.

Havering a lightweight kit pack is a good way to hold all your gear when out fishing on the rivers and by far my favourite is the G.Loomis one that I use ! its light and it hold a extremely large amounts of fishing kit when your out fishing, but most importantly its all held tightly and close to you body so there’s nothing in front of you for you line to catch in or to get in the way a you cast. 

“Brown Trout you can look out as I am ready for you this comeing season ”


~ by chucknduck on February 20, 2012.

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