May Fly Madness

A good friend of my called mark is fishing over in Ireland this year in the spring international.

He asked me to make him some drys as he could encounter the may flys on his trip over, here are some of the dry flies that i have made with detached body’s.Hook: size 10 light wire dry hook.

Tail / Body : tail is made from brown deer hair and the body is pal yellow deer hair.

Hackle: palmered cdc feather.

Wing: pal yellow deer hair.

Head: pal yellow and olive mixed superfine dry fly dubbing.

Hook: size 10 fine wire dry hook.

Tail / Body: tail is pheasant tail fibers,the body is pal yellow deer hair with thick brown tying silk as a rib.

Hackle: cdc feather palmered.

Wings: a rich tan dyed teal feather.

Second Hackle: light red game cock hackle.

~ by chucknduck on February 1, 2012.

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