Frosty River Taff,Chilly River Rymney

The alarm clock is ringing and the fish are calling its time i hung up my work tools and grab my river tackle and head for a days fishing.

My big bro called me and explained how his work colleague Neil is an avid trout angler that has never fished for grayling, but he was in for a shock.Neil was amazed how easy and simple it can be when they are playing ball and today the fish happened to be on the feed.

We started on the River Taff by fishing with bugs on the river bed as the frost was thick and the temperature was hardly above freezing. After a dozen casts or so i hook a small grayling on a trusty hears ear size 14 jig hook. There is a small seam in the centre of the run,i make a beeline across to make a cast and its a good cast as i hook another small grayling,it turns out i have found a shoal of fish around about 20cm average size.I call to Neil who is down stream to have a go at catching some fish out of the run,i show him the method and how the indicator should be fishing correctly to maintain a drag free drift to ensure the flies are fishing as natural as possible.

Neil gets the hang of it fast as he starts hammering the shoal an lands a dozen or so fish in no time.

The taff has been in decline for some years could this be the problem ? Xmas has gone but the tree is still full of decoration !


Its starting to warm up so we make a sharp move over to the River Rymney as the fishing is much better and we start to catch a lot of fish in no time;its good sport !

three trout that fell to the nymphs.

After fishing on the competition scene for so long its hard to break the habit of landing fish the Czech way,its called “butterfly” if the fish is 30cm or smaller its faster to land them in the air and it doesn’t only save time it stops the fish splashing and spooking the rest of the feeding fish in the run.

Just one of the many grayling landed today.

Here are some of the flies that caught me fish today.

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~ by chucknduck on January 14, 2012.

One Response to “Frosty River Taff,Chilly River Rymney”

  1. hi sion ,firstly thanks for a great days fishing and my first grayling.your hospitality was second to none.i was a bit nervous about the trip and fishing in a way i havent before but your advice and tuition soon put me on the fish.thanks to alun rees too for his input and your dad for giving up a days fishing to take the was a day to remeber….great guys,great advice and even better fishing. hope to get out again with you soon.thanks again, niel.

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