The Little Devils,Diawl Bachs

The Diawl Bach has been a great fly for many anglers that fish large Stillwater and smaller commercial fisheries.

These flies have worked for me for many years and they have been by far the best type of flies for landing the elusive big fish we all dream of.

Diawl Bachs’ are slim but very imitative patterns. It doesn’t imitate one specific fly,  it tends to imitate many such as buzzers, still-born buzzers, buzzer shucks, corixa, lake olives and even damsel fly.

There are many ways to adapt your Diawls; they don’t have to be run of the mill so to speak. By adding a little flash, pearly butts, holographic butts and even brightly coloured ribs, all of these little things can dramatically increase your catch rate.   

Fishing the flies can be a doddle! Straight lining is one of the easiest methods to fish the Diawl Bach. You cast a short line and allow the natural weight of the fly to slowly sink. We then use the figure of eight method to retrieve the line.The fly line must be moved slowly and steadily so it is kept tight enough not to miss the fish taking the flies as they sink.  As the cast ends, the hang is very important. All natural flies rise to the surface to hatch. So the lift should be performed very slowly and you should stop at every two foot untill you see the end of the fly line appear out of the water. You then should hold the flies there for the last few seconds before you recast and start fishing again.

~ by chucknduck on January 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Little Devils,Diawl Bachs”

  1. Nice post! Diawls are a perfect all round imitative fly. Easily adaptable and fun to play around with! Blog’s coming along great!

  2. Fairplay very good blog mate! It’s about time you knocked up something like this as well 🙂 Keep us posted.


    • Thanks rob,its a working progress and i have just finishing up some flies for the viewers to have look at and make some comments to let me know what they thinking about my flies.

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